about denise

accomplished. effective.
distinctive. rainmaker.

Denise Whitney PhD., the CEO and Chief Innovator at CIN, began making her mark on the industry at the forefront of the natural productions boom. Denise is a mastermind for getting natural products into the marketplace and has used her brand building skills to open the door for many of today’s top selling products. Denise built CIN on a foundation of integrity and subsequently grew her consultancy to become the leader in product and marketing development for dietary supplements, natural personal care, groceries and beverages.

Denise will provide you with the guiding hand that a growing business in the natural products industry needs to accelerate its expansion. She has a successful track record working with companies of all sizes, from large Fortune 500 companies, to international firms and new start-ups. Her knowledge of the inner workings of the industry, relationships with distributors and product brokers, and stellar professional reputation are what sets Denise and CIN apart from other firms.

She is the natural products expert that business leaders look to because she is directly connected to the pulse of the industry and emerging trends, for guidance and support. For 21 years, Denise was the Executive Director of the National Natural Foods Association (now known as the Natural Products Association). Her leadership and vision for the industry led her to serving on the founding committees for DSHEA marketing and structure/function claims.

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