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Creative Bioscience has been honored with winning a BOSA Award.
This is a great acknowledgement within the industry for Creative Biosciences'
high-quality products and dedication to health and wellness.

Creative Bioscience gives $1.00 from every purchase to HFAF - Housing for America Foundation. Ike Blackmon, CEO of Creative Bioscience, was personally help by HFAF when he was "down on his luck", which is why he chose to give back to this organization.

cid botanicals

Cid Botanicals made a splash at Natural Products Expo West 2012 with South America-sourced stevia products and bilingual packaging. Entrepreneur and managing director Roberto Cid shares what makes his company unique;

"The idea of doing a bilingual box must be credited to Denise Whitney at Creative Innovations. She was quick to help us adapt our stevia to the U.S. market and help us identify our own strengths as well as the benefits of targeting our fellow Hispanic customers. Once we decided that, it was just common sense to make the information we provided equally accessible to our English and Spanish customers and stakeholders.

We did not want to “dumb it down” as we often see marketers do. Our take is that both my Spanish-speaking grandma and a customer at Whole Foods should be able to benefit equally by what we are trying to offer, and we should treat everyone as the information-seeking individuals we are. Although it puts some constraints on space, we have been able to make it work and hopefully our customers, whether they speak English or Spanish, will see the benefits of our product.

We hope others will also follow this lead and help bridge the information gap that exists between Spanish and English. My sister and CEO partner, Andrea, also deserves credit for carrying this philosophy from our packaging to our booth at Expo West 2012. This is what caught the attention of [Delicious Living Food Editor] Elisa Bosley and got us the Nexty nomination that we are very proud of." Roberto Cid, Managing Director of Cid Botanicals    


Creative Innovations became the National Sales and Marketing manager for Sibu Beauty on June 3, 2011. It was the day after Sea Buckthorn was featured on Dr Oz and consumers were clamoring to get their hands on Sibu’s products, particularly the juice and supplements. That first day, our customer service team processed 40 purchase orders, responded to over 50 retailer calls and initiated a shipping priority schedule to handle the influx of orders. It was a chaotic time but in the midst of the chaos, our team responded quickly and efficiently, taking control without missing a beat.   

Our goal for Sibu Beauty is simple – we want to see it on every health food and beauty store shelf in the U.S. We plan to do this through our sales and marketing expertise in the industry. In the first 6 months of sales management, we have gained distribution with 3 new distributors opening 12 new warehouses. We have orchestrated a network of brokers that effectively represents the Sibu line to retail outlets from coast to coast. With the assistance of our broker teams, we have opened over 300 retailer stores and have established placement with key accounts such as Raley’s, HEB and Whole Foods Market – South Region. Our team has also worked to ensure large accounts, like Sunflower Markets, have brought in any missing skus from their sets.

Using proven methods and innovative thinking, our marketing team created a strategic campaign maximizing on the strength of Sibu’s product effectiveness and beautiful packaging. Special sales programs were implemented to increase new product placement and line extensions. To build consumer awareness, we took over management of Sibu’s demo program, increasing demos from approximately 10 per month to over 40 per month nationwide.    

Our project management team partnered with Sibu to understand where the opportunities for improvement were and quickly implemented new systems, new forms and created a monthly reporting package providing detailed sales metrics.

We also rewrote both the company and broker policies to provide a clearer definition of Sibu’s guidelines. 

Creative Innovations has proven to be an integral part of Sibu’s expansion into the natural product’s retail channel. The addition of Sibu Beauty to Creative Innovations’ client roster has been an exciting achievement and the team is thrilled to be working with Sibu. Together, we are confident that Sibu will become a household name.


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