Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Increase Productivity with Innovation

Ready to increase productivity? Get ready to innovate!

The CIN Team brainstorms innovative ways to improve productivity our business and our clients’ business. Our innovation has led to multiple, highly successful brand launches in the natural product industry. Take a page from our Innovation Book, and create an exceedingly productive team with creative, industry changing outcomes!

Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that productivity means working themselves and their employees harder, but putting more pressure on your employees to get more done can actually be counterproductive. When it comes to increasing productivity, what most businesses need is innovation.

Innovation means finding intelligent and creative ways to improve your business, rather than just cracking the whip harder. Innovation is how you can find ways of improving the output of your business and employees for less effort and cost, and it is the best way to truly increase your productivity on an ongoing basis.

Productivity is the measure of the output of a process against the amount of effort required. In business terms, this can equate to a number of different things but it is commonly held to be the amount of work produced by employees for the amount of time put in, or the profits generated by a certain amount of expenditure. Put very simply, increasing productivity means increasing what comes out, without increasing what goes in.

Additionally, productivity is a significant factor in the survival or demise of many businesses both large and small, and it is even considered important on a national economic scale. Low productivity can lead to decreased profits, unnecessary expenses and a general feeling of apathy among your employees. If you want your business to succeed, you need to make sure it is working as productively as possible – and to do that you need to innovate.

Working harder at the same thing in the same way may increase your productivity to a certain extent, but there is only so much that you will be able to improve without some form of change or innovation. Pushing employees too hard can lead to lack of motivation, stress, fatigue and increased absenteeism, all of which can negatively affect your overall productivity and your business bottom line.

If you truly want to increase your productivity and help improve your business, the best approach to take is to find more efficient and innovative ways of increasing output rather than just putting more stress on existing systems. Innovation doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary; it can start with a few small changes to help increase your business systems and then build from there.

An outside view may also be able to help. A fresh mind of a friendly fellow business operator, or a professional innovator may see things in a different light. They will find it easier to ask “what are you trying to achieve here?”, and “is there a better, different way of going about it?”.