Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CIN Team Achieves Effective Trade Marketing with Perfected Strategy

Effective Trade Marketing

Trade marketing focuses on driving new customers towards your brand, encouraging consumers to choose your brand over the competition, and growing sales by supporting retail and distributor partners with promotions.

Everything from grass roots initiatives to full blown ad campaigns, and analysis of industry trends for projections of future sales should be included in your brands’ trade marketing support. The main objective of trade marketing is to grow a brand by increasing the demand at the retailer and/or distributor level. The trade marketing effectiveness relies heavily on the strategy behind implementation. Without detailed industry knowledge, marketing initiatives fail to increase brand growth and sales.

The Creative Innovations team has in depth knowledge of the natural industry market pulse to provide precise category management. Our team recognizes effective trade marketing is built on a foundation of industry insight that pin points specific category opportunities. We provide our clients with higher ROI from their trade marketing budget by effectively targeting consumers based on accurate category management. Our results-driven strategies have proven to successfully launch products in the dietary supplement, nutraceutical, functional food and cosmeceutical industries.

True category management identifies the optimum opportunities to target the ideal customer by advertising the best price point through promotion vehicles such as demonstrations, in store coupons, shelf displays, temporary price reductions etc.

The second driver for trade marketing is promotion. Crafting effective promotions is essential when designing an effective marketing strategy. For example pricing and merchandising strategies that encourage new customer trials are successful promotions tactics. Keep in mind, the main objective of promotions should always be focused on increasing sales. Denise Whitney, PhD. CEO of Creative Innovations has fine tuned trade marketing strategies. Denise and her team always maintains the ultimate goal of a good promotion: To boost everyday sales, even after the promotion has expired.

With more than 35 years of experience in the natural industry, Denise Whitney, PhD. and the Creative Innovations’ team know the proper technique required to grow sustainable sales with the natural industry. Designing an effective trade marketing strategy starts with a keen understanding of what drives the natural industry retailer, distributors and customers. Effective promotion relies on accurate category management. Gain new customers and beat out the competition by raising brand awareness with effective trade marketing provided by Creative Innovations.