Thursday, February 28, 2013

Succeed in the Natural Industry with Defined Brand Strategy

Whether you are rebranding your current product line or starting from scratch, Denise Whitney, CEO of Creative Innovations (CIN) has the vision for your brand identity. Denise’s vast industry knowledge and decades of experience will create a brand identity that is compelling and appealing to target consumers. Natural industry start-ups need to define a clear brand strategy for differentiating themselves in the market. This crucial element of planning is what separates the successes from the rest of the pack.

Defining a niche brand identity in the natural industry is challenging, especially with all the other items on your to-do list. CIN provides the fresh perspective required to outline the opportunities for your brand in the natural product industry. Our team will determine your company’s core competencies and establish your unique selling proposition and positioning. CIN is known for developing successful brand strategies built on a foundation of detailed research.

Although our established branding process utilizes a multitude of product development elements we have found the core essentials of brand strategy are market research, consumer profiles, targeted distribution, product concept, and overall brand essence and design.

Conduct Market Research
It is exceedingly important to know what the market trends. Researching consumer demand for new ingredients and areas of interest will help define the natural industry opportunities for your brand.

Define Specific Customer Profiles
It is important to be honest about the demographic profile of the customer who will appreciate and benefit the most from your offering. Not specifically defining a target audience is a common mistake made by new companies. CIN will guides companies through the process of defining the core, loyal customers to create a narrower target. This also creates promotions that speak to customers on a personal level that will successfully penetrate the target market.

Target Distribution
CIN understands the importance of keeping the customer profile in mind when establishing a distribution plan. Information such as customers’ spending preferences, demographics and preferred food stores will help map the most effective national distribution. This is why CIN communicates the brand strategy with distributors early on. It is crucial to present distributors with clear and compelling information showcasing why their customers demands are in line with your products features and benefits.

Hone the Product Concept
As a veteran buyer for natural retail stores, Denise Whitney, PhD. recognizes that retailers have limited shelf space. She works to clearly define a brand that excites retailers, making it easier for them to dedicate space to your brand over the competition. A clear product concept cuts through competition clutter and stands out among consumers and distributors. Compelling features and benefits can help define a product’s point of difference in the market. Whether this is a key ingredient, a series of key ingredients, a new product form, a unique delivery system or clinical trials to prove the product’s efficacy, highlighting the brand selling points is essential.

Once CIN builds the proper strategy and positioning, we begin designing the actual product. Design strategy must be based on objective creative evaluation. Companies often let personal preferences cloud the product design. This costly mistake can lead to incongruent brand strategy and product design. We carefully evaluate the fonts, colors, imagery, copy and overall mood of the designs during the design stage. The ultimate goal is to create a product that clearly communicates brand’s feature and benefits while standing out among the competition. With proper creative design the product will serve as a vehicle of communication for the overall brand strategy.

Pulling it All Together
Creative Innovations uses market research, consumer profiles, targeted distribution, product concept, and overall brand essence and design to develop strong brand strategies. By defining the above components, a new company can seamlessly cut through the retail clutter, connect with consumers, and become an enduring, sustainable brand.