vision. knowledge. positioning.

A successful brand image confirms your company’s credibility. 

Whether you are rebranding your current product line or starting from scratch, we have the vision for your brand identity. We use our vast industry knowledge and decades of experience to create a brand identity that is compelling and appealing to target consumers. We will determine your company’s core competencies and establish your unique selling proposition and positioning. Here is a sample of our branding services:

Analyze and critique current brand image and implement needed changes
Creation of company and product image, logo, slogans
Deliver clear messages that will connect with the target market
Manage the label and package design process
Redesign labels to create a consistent brand image to take to market
Assist in writing label copy based on industry research and legal requirements
Manage the design timeline to ensure all deadlines are met
Suggest packaging that is functional and can be easily merchandized in the retail landscape
Create labels that will stand out on the shelf from competitors
Ensure the company image is consistent across all mediums



cid botanicals

Cid Botanicals came to us with a single sku and a package that would not stand out on the shelves.

We helped them to expand their product offering by creating new flavors. We changed the logos of the master-brand, Cid Botanicals, along with the core brand, Stevia. We also made the packaging bi-lingual
(English & Spanish).

health logics

There wasn’t a consistent brand image among the products. Even the Health Logics logo was unidentifiable
on many of the labels.

The new Health Logics logo reflects the synergy of science and technology that is the brand’s positioning. We created a master-brand strategy with visual intensity that appeals to both natural and mass market consumers.

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