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CIN’s dedicated product development team generates positive results through the implementation of specialized services programs specifically for product launches, rebranding or other strategic campaigns.

Don’t know what it takes to have your product succeed in the marketplace? CIN does. We have assisted in the facilitation of many new product formulations in the areas of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods and personal care products. Our extensive knowledge of qualifiers in the marketplace will ensure your product succeeds amidst your competition.

From formula development through the acquisition of a CPU, CIN is your partner throughout the entire process. We gain scientific support for new products by obtaining quantitative and qualitative data necessary for ingredient claim substantiation. Our in depth knowledge of the DSHEA and FDA formula regulations will ensure your products are compliant.

We proudly assist in the qualification of contract manufacturers and provide hands-on support through the entire process of manufacturing, filling, fulfillment and shipment of raw materials and finished goods. CIN will guide you through the packaging design process, assuring your brand achieves 'eye-catching' status.

It is our job to make your product stand out on the shelf and in the eye of the consumer.

[CIN Case Study]

Turning our vision
into a successful product:

A Fortune 500 company, well known in the conventional grocery industry, came to us with what looked like a bag of dirt and a desire to be a part of the natural industry. That “bag of dirt” was actually a nutrient dense substance that was the perfect ingredient for a fiber supplement. We knew there was a need for an effective fiber supplement that didn’t contain psyllium. We also knew that with Gluten Free and Non-GMO on the rise, we had to create a product that was unlike any other product on the market. From there we created a whole food, super fruit supplement that does not contain any psyllium, is Gluten Free and Non-GMO. CIN managed every part of the process from concept to product formulation to packaging to manufacturing to the final, finished product. Once the product was launched, it took less than 90 days to get it into distributors and placed at a national key retailer. The Fortune 500 company is now proud to call themselves a prominent member of the natural products industry.    

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